print ready files

How to Make Print Ready Files

Here at York Print Company we see a lot of files that are not suitable for print, for one reason or another. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able show you how to make perfect design files in Microsoft word. You really need to be using a design program, so this post is aimed to help […]

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Mailchimp form

MailChimp versus Aweber – Which one is right for you?

After my posts here and here, you’ll have now well and truly stepped off the fence regarding sending e-newsletters, haven’t you? Brilliant, so pleased to hear you’ve understood the benefits, you’ve brainstormed 12 months’ worth of content and you’re ready to get started but… Anne, there are so many email marketing platforms, how do I […]

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sitting on the fence about e-newsletters

Are you Sitting on the Fence About e-Newsletters?

Email marketing is the business practice of sending an email to people on your contact list.  The intent is to establish you as an expert and create trust, loyalty and brand awareness. There has been much research done on the benefits of e-newsletters.  It is more cost effective to grow your business through interactions with […]

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Back to Basics productivity

Back to Basics Productivity eBook

  Back to Basics Productivity – How would you like 2013 to be your most productive year yet? Well, it can be. By learning some simple techniques and dedicating yourself to developing habits of high productivity and by practising them daily and repeatedly. Managing your time and being productive is not rocket science; it’s about […]

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Five Greatest Office Time Killers

Five Greatest Office Time Killers

Technology is one of our greatest inventions, it has made doing business quicker and easier but it is also a huge time waster. It has led people to expect instant responses and results.  Is it just me, or does it feel like everything has to happen now?  Like a child wanting the latest toy – […]

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Clear the clutter

Clear the Clutter Ready for Christmas

With only 34 days until Christmas, how would you feel if you had de-cluttered your office, so you could finish for the Christmas holiday safe in the knowledge that when you return in January, all your paperwork is up to date and filed away ready to start 2013? Eliminate Energy Drains The messy, untidy office, […]

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